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Rhyan LaMarr
Founder / President and Co-Owner

Rhyan LaMarr, Red Guerrilla Entertainment’s Founder and President, has served as a creative consultant to major entities including Universal Music Group, Gravitas Ventures, and Clear Channel Communications. His work on digital media, including music videos, films, and television programming, has generated over $40 million in revenue.

LaMarr’s first-rate work as a production assistant and later as an extras coordinator on the film Mr. 3000 back in 2003 landed him additional work on projects that included The Bernie Mac Show, The Apprentice, and That 70’s Show.

In 2013, LaMarr decided to bet on himself instead of waiting on Hollywood to discover him, and formed Red Guerrilla Productions and Say Something Music. Both companies have gone on to develop and produce several films, including the critically acclaimed Restored Me and Canal Street.

Red Guerrilla Entertainment and its writing entity, Reel Stories, are comprised of award-winning teams that have worked on music projects that topped the Billboard Charts and film and television projects that have earned numerous award nominations.

Through all the success, LaMarr’s strong belief system has kept him grounded. His commitment to his faith and his love for storytelling has allowed him to minister through art in ways the faith community has rarely experienced. LaMarr continues to work on thought-provoking visual art and musical projects that have purpose and that further the faith conversation.

Fun fact: Rhyan LaMarr is probably the only Hollywood director who yells “Amen!” in lieu of “cut!”

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Dr. Eric D. Garnes
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner

Dr. Eric Garnes is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner of Red Guerrilla Entertainment. He and Co-Owner Rhyan LaMarr work as “change-agents” in the entertainment industry, making fresh impact with a faith-driven message. Dr. Garnes is responsible for the business division of the company which oversees the day-to-day operations. His business acumen has led him to become a senior entrepreneur of several successful companies.

Dr. Garnes served as an Executive Producer on Canal Street, Red Guerrilla Entertainment’s first feature film.

Dr. Garnes earned a Bachelor of Arts at the College of New Rochelle, a Master of Divinity at the International Theological Seminary, and a Master of Professional Studies with a concentration in Urban Society and Executive Leadership Development at the Alliance Theological Seminary. He earned his Doctorate of Ministry from Drew University, and served as a “Hilliard Fellow” in Church Renewal and Executive Leadership Development.

Presently, he is an Adjunct Professor at Alliance Theological Seminary in the graduate school of Nyack College. Dr. Garnes also serves as an Executive Life Coach for the advancement of human development and psychological balance. Dr. Garnes is the Senior Pastor of Tabernacle of Praise Cathedral in Brooklyn, New York, and is the Presiding Bishop of the United Covenant Churches of Christ, where he oversees a ministry of more than 20,000 members globally.

Dr. Garnes is married to Dr. Delicia M. Garnes, and they are the proud parents of two children: a son, Darian Daniel Rene Garnes, and a daughter, Bryanna A’Delicia Garnes.

Fun fact: Dr. Garnes strives toward perfection daily and is a perfect example of the term persnickety.

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Jimmy Maddox
Chief Financial Officer

Jimmy Maddox is the Chief Financial Officer of Red Guerrilla Entertainment. He is responsible for the company’s overall financial management and strategic planning, which includes ensuring all financial reporting is current, managing financial risk, and overseeing long-range business planning.

Maddox graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Finance from Clark Atlanta University in 2006. After graduation, he launched his career in Atlanta, Georgia, where he has spent more than 10 years in leadership at a Fortune 500 company. Maddox’s effective leadership, strong money management, and strategic planning skills have led him to become an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with successful businesses. He is married to Dionna Maddox, and they are the proud parents of two daughters, Bailey and Peyton.

Fun fact: Jimmy is a youth softball coach.

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